Blogging Basics - setting up a blog

In your google account it is a good idea to set up at least one blog. Google “blogger” and you’ll find it and add it to your google account features. The tricky bit sometimes is picking your blog name. The phrase “Keywords” comes to mind.

Once you’ve picked a template you should be up and running in no time.

Google respects blogs. It is something you will hear us say more than once. If all search results were based on websites that have been around 15 years what a dull place surfing the web would be. So write, write often and you’ll get respect. Write often enough and you’ll get ranking for your titles in a matter of minutes. That can’t be bad. Your hard work and dedication to daily blogs will be rewarded.

Getting started.

Visit google homepage and in the top right corner click "sign in". Assuming you do not already have a google account select "create an account" and follow the procedure to create your account.

Next find blogger and add it to your google account.

Within blogger you will be prompted to "create a blog" this is usually in the format

Its a good idea to choose a blog name with keywords that relate to your business or alternatively it could be your business name. It is also possible to add a brief description of your blog and again keyword selection is important here too.

There are a number of templates to choose from which can be easily changed at any time to create a new feel for your blog.

You are then ready to start blogging.

Adding pictures to your blog.

Adding hyperlinks to external websites.

You can use your blog as a method of adding links to your main website with link text that is relevant to your site content.

The key piece of html code is as follows:

<a href="">keyword anchor text</a>

You will need to make sure you are working in html mode for this to work correctly.

Obviuosly you replace "" with the address of the web page you want to link to and you change the "keyword anchor text" for the phrase where you are aiming to improve your google ranking position.

The key piece of advice for any blog is to write and to write often.

Monetise your blog with google adwords and you will start to generate income from your blog. This is easy set up in a few seconds.

Another marketing opportunity for any web prescence is to charge for links to other sites or suppliers directly. Many popular blogs charge annual fees to set up links to other websites.

Imagine £100 per year for every link on your blog to a supplier. If your blog becomes popular enough and is regulalrly updated this is quite possiible.

Happy blogging!

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