Webmaster tools

Google has a range of tools, designed for webmasters. First there is “webmaster tools” here you can monitor your search queries and submit an xml sitemap to aid the google robots to trawl your site.

Google analytics

Keep an eye on your visitor numbers with google analytics. Over time this gives you an idea of what pages you customers visit most frequently and if you have product pages you’ll be able to see which of your products is getting the most clicks.

Blog set up

In your google account it is a good idea to set up at least one blog. Google “blogger” and you’ll find it and add it to your google account features. The tricky bit sometimes is picking your blog name. The phrase “Keywords” comes to mind.

Once you’ve picked a template you should be up and running in no time.

Google respects blogs. If all search results were based on websites that have been around 15 years what a dull place surfing the web would be and google seems to have taken this philosophy on board. So write, write often and you’ll get respect. Write often enough and you’ll get ranking for your titles in a matter of minutes even ifthey stay there only for a few weeks that can’t be bad. Your hard work and dedication to daily blogs will be rewarded.

Link to blogging basics

Keyword assesment - google keyword tool

Perhaps the first task is to identify the keywords that you have identified for your website so far. We can assess your keywords for popularity and then assess your sites performance for the current keywords by conducting a ranking report. This will determine your sites current performance.

We would then advise if there are keywords not yet being pursued which would be of benefit to your company and give an estimate for the improvements we would hope to see for the keyword ranking positions over the course of 6 to 12 months.

Link to Google's keyword tool

W3C Markup Validation

If you visit the w3c validator and enter the domain name of one of your website pages you will get a quick summary of any errors in the coding of that page. Errors in coding can lead to problems in certain browsers and may cause problems for search engine robots so it is good practise to ensure there are no errors.

Link to W3C markup validator