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Webhosting - an overview from PickSEO

For those of you not familiar with the process of hosting a domain it is worth explaining a few of the basic points first.

First of all there are basically three aspects to consider to host a website.

Domain registration

Obviously you will need a domain name, this could be your company name or a combination of keywords that would help customers find your business or products.

These names normally ending in .com or are effectively bought for a limited timescale typically for 2 years. If you wish to keep the domain it will be necessary to renew the domain purchase before the 2 year expiry.

Please note: There are administration costs typically around £20 to move a domain to a different domain registration company.

If you intend to purchase a domain we would advise seeking a company that provides free access to your DNS settings.

Web hosting

Your web design needs to be stored somewhere so that your customers can see it. This space is effectively rented space from a web hosting provider and this is called web hosting.

We can host your site providing you have access to the DNS settings of your domain. We will automatically have access to your DNS settings if we buy the domain for you.

Email hosting

Email hosting is not always necessary as it is possible to forward mail to a personal email address but if you need to present a professional image where you receive mail to you@yourdomain and send mail as you@yourdomain you will also need E-mail hosting.

At PickSEO we can manage the technicalities of your webhosting needs and will ensure your set up and on-going management is as smooth and as straightforward as possible.