Website hosting package

Webhosting packages from PickSEO

We offer affordable web hosting packages and can manage the set up from start to finish so that your business website and email is set up with a minimum of fuss.

We will notify you in advance when any renewals are due and can manage transfers to another web hosting provider if required.

Domain registration

We can register your domain for £10 per year. We can buy most available web domains for only £10 per year. Please use the nominet search box accessed via the following link to check domain availablity.

Please note: Domain registrations must be renewed every year and there are administration costs if you decide to move the domain name to a new registration company.

Web hosting

Hosting for your domain is avalable for £25 per year. If you already have a domain name you will need access to your DNS settings to change your A record to point to our hosting services.

Please note: some companies will charge you to access your DNS settings.

Email hosting

We can host your email for £25 per year. Email hosting means you can receive mail as:

you@yourdomain and also send mail as you@yourdomain

Our basic email hosting package is suitable for customers who require up to 10 separate email addresses such as:

info@yourdomain, customerservices@yourdomain etc